shamphree: the prep

Part one of documenting my Shamphree experience. I wrote this a few months ago, before I had tried it….

“My friend Jill and I are really cheap. Like, really, really cheap. I’m in the process of saving for my trip to South America and Jill did the same thing last year for her trip to the same place. We’ve both experienced intensive money saving and frugal living. Regardless of what you have planned, everyone can do with saving money and usually the key is trying something a little different! Also it helps if you shun convention and have no shame (which suits me fine).

Living on the cheap, budgeting and home made frugality are really popular right now. There’s nothing as satisfying as a hobby that saves you money! We both get excited at the prospect of a previously unheard tip, a cheapo blog or a marathon of SuperScrimpers on TV. I wanted to document a few of things I employ to save money, things which seemed hard work before I’d tried them, but now I couldn’t live without. I also wanted to keep track of some of things I’ve never tried, but wanted to.

So here’s the first…. going Shamphree.

I haven’t yet tried this, but I read about it from How To Hair Girl. She’s a hairdresser who blogs tips and style advice. She’s started shunning conventional shampoo and conditioner for something cheaper, more natural and kinder to the world. It’s a concept that instantly grabbed my attention…. homemade, cheap, possibly gives you incredible hair. So today I’m off out to get my bits. Here are the things you’ll need…

Baking Soda (or more commonly, Bicarbonate of Soda in the UK)
Apple Cider vinegar (available from health food shops), or else lemon juice or regular vinegar
Spray bottle (x 2)
Paddle Brush
Boar Bristle Brush
Essential Oils, whichever you like
Funnel (for adding ingredients to your spray bottle)

Just click here for the full list and further links to Shamphree information from How To Hair Girl.

I have 2 weeks off from work as a long overdue holiday, so the perfect opportunity to try out some intriguing frugal trials. If I have a clogged up, bicarbonate of soda scalp for two days nobody will notice but my housemates and Oliver. Perfect.

I will endeavour to keep track of my progress, the ups and downs of my Shamphfree experience. If you’re curious, try out this quick video showing the method involved from How To Hair Girl herself!

PS. I have taken all this information from How To Hair Girl, and her blog. I totally recommend her as the Queen of this stuff, there is so much information on her blog and I encourage you to visit HERE.


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