what made my work day

Today was full of eye rolling, ‘this is really where I work’ kind of moments. This is not only a cliche but a complete waste of a day in my life.

I’ve received 2 emails that said, simply, “find attached”. Efficient, sparing me excess text, saving time. Except both emails were lone, without attachments of any kind. Is this irony or incompetence, or both?

I sat through a 90 minute training session with a participant who thought he and the trainer were in a one on one session. A one on one session the trainer did not want to be in. There were 8 of us in the room, but this guy had no idea. He interrupted, disagreed and interjected at every possible opportunity. And every impossible opportunity. I groaned at, sighed at, rudely objected to, ignored and dispised him.

I worked 4 hours overtime. On the phone, explaining to people why their broadband doesn’t work. Tedious, but human at least.

I spent around 2 of those googling Stuart Heritage, trying to decide if I fancy him. I found a Youtube video and decided yes, I definitely do. Sexy voice. Although he’s no longer live blogging The Bake Off, as he did for the Celebrity specials in January. Dissapointing. He’s like a more handsome, less misantrhopic Charlie Brooker. That wit.

And finally, I rewatched the first episode of Breaking Bad with the intention of watching at least the first series before I leave. Perhaps the whole lot if I can manage it. I’m sick of not being part of the Breaking Bad hysteria. It’s boring.  This is how people felt when Game Of Thrones started again.


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