what made my day

Making my day today was the awkward older gent administering my yellow fever innoculation. A hurried lunch time appointment at Stockport Boots should conjour no less of a character. I’m so accustomed to middle aged ladies with warm smiles, gesticulating with one hand, syringe in the other, that a nervous man was quite another thing. The cramped Boots consultation cubicle, the mild discomfort in my arm and the pouring Stockport rain couldn’t feel further away from a Brazilian beach.

Oliver and I both have handed in our notice at work, making plans seem real and closer than ever. Although, I still don’t believe I’ll ever be in the sunshine drinking beer, until I really am.

There are some unique individuals at the centre of my household’s celebrity world. Gwyneth Paltrow features pretty high up the list, as do Jamie Oliver, Courtney Stodden, Lindsay Lohan and Benedict Cumberbatch. So when I read this pretty funny article from the New York times by Rebecca Harrington entitled “I Tried Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet”, I knew my housemate Katie would be totally on board.

It’s still a funny read even if you don’t have a fulfilled knowledge of Gwyneth Paltrow, her cookbooks, her GOOP newsletter, her past interviews, kale juice and the Hamptons.

I’m currently enjoying my first hot Vimto of the season; a Manchester staple. It’s the smell, the flavour of an afternoon in Common, with textbooks and notes in front of me and an essay looming. I’m especially nostalgic for uni when September comes around. I’d give anything to get up early for a lecture on British Political History instead of a shift here. Coincidentally, I always missed British Political History in favour of lunch at the Deaf Institute on a Monday afternoon, with my few gathered uni friends. I think that says a lot about my feelings towards this job.

So, strangely enough, nostalgia for uni has made my day. Crossing a chilly Oxford Road on a bicycle makes me long for evenings in the library and a list of things to read. I’ll settle for that niggling feeling that I should have learned more Spanish by now.


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