what made my day

I’m a huge fan of Sandra Juto’s blog. And today, catching up on a couple of weeks worth of her blogging, I found this post.

Her blog is full of life. She walks, she eats, she drinks, she takes pictures and meets friends. She lives. Her blog posts are snapshots of today, or now, always in the moment, positive and pleasing.

The post I linked above is a rare contemplative post celebrating 8 years with her boyfriend. It warmed my heart for a few moments in my chilly air conditioned work place.

This week’s Stylist made my day. My friend Jill picked me up a copy, I talked about it’s merits for so long she asked to keep hold of it! I’m happy to have another convert to my favourite freebie. I arrived home to find my housemate Katie had brought me one in too. So I didn’t even miss out. If you don’t know, Stylist is the best.

Their site currently has a host of interesting things to read about women, travel, food, careers and lifestyle. And style and fashion and books and films. You couldn’t ask for more. Not only that, it’s  intelligent. An hour with my Stylist and I feel I’ve enriched my ideas and thoughts on so many aspects of life. Exactly the opposite feeling that an hour with the Daily Mail Online gives me.

It’s such a pleasure to read something made for women, that makes us feel better about ourselves. There are thousands of journalists that could learn a lesson from my favourite free magazine.

Oh yeah, on a personal and stomach rumbling note I got a £20 Marks and Sparks voucher from work this week. The remaining £10 is for a Valentine Warner Sunday Spectacular. If you’ve never lifted a page of a Val Warner cookbook, you’ll be unaware of his dry, eccentric writing and wholesome, seasonal delights. I couldn’t recommend enough.

PS. Here’s a personally selected article at Stylist.co.uk about seasonal food around the world. Not only making me hungry and happy, but adding destinations to the wish list in my mind and reminding me of the joy of discovering things I’ve never even heard of.


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