a shamphree love story

I’ve left behind my Shamphree experience at the previous blog. But I don’t mean to, I’ll find a way to bring it over. I’m still going ahead with it, after 5 and a half weeks and countless washes. I’m finally at a stage where it seems to be going well. I washed my hair last night with the Shamphree method and my hair feels clean, shiny and only a wee bit bicarby. Just slightly at the roots at the back. But really, only a little bit.

My hair feels light, for the first time in a while. That, along with this sudden Autumnal atmosphere, has made me feel very content today. I woke up at 7.20am to rain and a dark sky. I contemplated not getting up for my overtime. But I did it. I made lunch, picked up a package at the Post Office and still got in early, drenched and thirsty from a 7 mile bike ride in the rain.

Sometimes rain and clouds just make you feel cosy and festive.

My package was unrefined shea butter, for moisturising and making some Shamphree hair magic. How To Hair Girl has a recipe for Liquid Gold which I think I will attempt tonight. I also bought myself a fancy Boar Bristle hair brush today, which I’ve just realised is the same brand listed on HTHG’s supply list. That means I now have everything on the supply list and I feel like a bit of a convert.

I’ve never really brushed my hair. I know how bad that may sound to some. I used to wash it (with usual shampoo and conditioner), run a brush through while it’s wet, blow dry, straighten and leave. Leave until I washed it again.

Now I have two fancy hairbrushes, and I love brushing my hair. It feels so good on my scalp and it make my hair look and feel better, glossier and managed. This is a very cheap and easy hobby I have going on and I’ll begrudge letting it go when I leave for Brazil in 9 weeks. Okay, that’s my Shamphree love story for the day.


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