gingefringe moved

I’ve moved from my blog, which you can find here. I moved because, frankly, it was ugly. I’m instantly smitten with this beautiful new template and address.

I’m 9 and half weeks from my trip to South America, beginning in Salvador. You may think I’m forward thinking, and you’d be right. I’ve been counting down since New Year’s Eve, 2012, when we booked our flights. Finally, it feels like a real, imminent event.  I have a small pile of real things building in my room. A rucksack, guidebooks, a padlock, walking socks, suncream…

I have secretly started packing my room away. Oliver thinks I am mad to worry and do so early on. I can barely contain myself. I’ve started sending visitors away with unused body butter, or an unloved dress here and there. Charity shops in Chorlton are booming with my belongings. eBay has made me money, which I’ve spent on end of the month pizzas, all because Dominos accept Paypal.

I’m itchy and excitable. I’ve planned and read about so much. I have paper, ipad and work computer lists of to dos and to gets and to books. If you’re in need of a dress or a record or a book, I have plenty going. In fact, the only thing I don’t have to give away is a foolproof knowledge of the Spanish or Portuguese languages. Shit. I hope I get an easy start in Salvador.


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